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Friday, May 04, 2007

Hey, it's under 10 million months and I'm bloggin' again, wow. Well it's really just another small update of what is currently filling my time. I'll be filling you in with more deets about it more as it's developed.

Thanks for stopping by.


ps. "Hey" to all you former co-workers, thanks for the comments, much appreciated!


Darryl Boldt said...

Mike these pages are dope Yo! For real they are great and I can't wait till it's published and on my shelf.

Darryl Boldt said...

This is Leah.... I was just going to write that I can't wait to buy this book, but Darryl already wrote that. SO.... it seriously looks SOO good.

mishe said...

Hey Mike, is there an email addy I can chat to you at, I have something I'll like to talk about!

mishe said...

hahaha. My email isn't set up, so I can't even get your addy, mine's feets_m@hotmail.com or missdishy@gmail.com if you have a chance to email me. Hows your little boy?