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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've Moved!

Well this is my final blogger post. I've recently redone my website and so located my blog right there with it. So for those of you who have me bookmarked you'll have to update.

is the new address. And my new blog is here.

In the near future I will probably dismantle most of this site as I've imported all my posts to the new blog anyways.

Basically my reasoning came down to necessity. I was creating a website that had a store and new gallery, and the blog option that WP allowed for really fit the bill to streamlining everything being able to be at the same place.

Go on now and update your links and check it out!

I wanted to finally thank everyone who's checked out my blogs in the past and taken the time to add their comments. I've truly appreciated them. Thank you.

See you soon!