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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've Moved!

Well this is my final blogger post. I've recently redone my website and so located my blog right there with it. So for those of you who have me bookmarked you'll have to update.

is the new address. And my new blog is here.

In the near future I will probably dismantle most of this site as I've imported all my posts to the new blog anyways.

Basically my reasoning came down to necessity. I was creating a website that had a store and new gallery, and the blog option that WP allowed for really fit the bill to streamlining everything being able to be at the same place.

Go on now and update your links and check it out!

I wanted to finally thank everyone who's checked out my blogs in the past and taken the time to add their comments. I've truly appreciated them. Thank you.

See you soon!


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

So some new ... news on the old Chuck Chance front. Check it out! (click banner for link)

Friday, May 29, 2009

So a short time ago I was contacted by Cory Godbey, an artist I find inspirational and have followed for a while. He does amazing mixed media works and his work just seems to flow like liquid. I've had his link on my "check em" list for some time. Definitely Check em out!

Cory contacted me and told me about a little project he was (is still) putting together called Terrible Yellow Eyes. As it turns out he is putting together a tribute site to Maurice Sendak, creater/author/artist of the legendary Where the Wild Things Are and other works. Mr. Sendak is turning 81 shortly (June 10th) and Cory has asked a number of absolutely amazing artists to create pieces of artwork from his book as a Birthday Present to him. To be asked to join a project in the company of such amazing artists is a little overwhelming, but also a tribute to a children's book creator that I personally have found so much joy and inspiration out of his works is beyond discription. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. Please check out the Terrible Yellow Eyes web site and see all the amazing works so far here.

Here is my contribution. I can only hope that it brings a smile to Mr. Sendak on his birthday.

Take care,


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another edition of the "here I am to post regularly again" blog. What brings me out of solitude this day? Three things actually. Sean Galloway, Kuta, and a contest.

I don't often talk on other artists mostly because it is just my opinion of them. But Sean "cheeks" Galloway is someone who I have looked up to for years, pretty much as long as I have been on the internet. His style and dynamic drawing is just amazing. Plus he seems to be a class act on top of the whole gig - wor
ks hard, respected and liked by all! Ever since we were in Korea I've been keenly watching him develop his Bastion's 7 property. It's got to be the coolest new -whatever it is going to end up as - ever! When I saw the vinyl collectible that he had sculpted it was a real inspiring moment. I've always loved this stuff and wanted to do my own characters in this form. Anyways, I'll be filling you in more on that thought a bit later. For now back to Mr. Galloway and Kuta. Kuta is the character he is currently about to start selling as a vinyl collectible. And along with the incredible sculpt he's including a number of cards drawn by various artists. So for his last open spot he's threw out a contest for people to send in their own card and the winner will be in the box! Not that I intend to win, but I decided to have a little fun anyways. So here's my entry. You can see more on his blog and on his Dev Art site.

Take care,


Friday, February 20, 2009

Well here I am again. First post of 2009. I said there was a lot of stuff keeping me busy these last few months and here I am to finally spill the beans.

But first things first. Illustration Friday. I was feeling very stale drawing lately. Not a good thing. So to bust out of that funk I decided to get back into a old habit of posting more often (how often have I said that eh?). I really think doing this not only helps me out technically but creatively too. It gets me thinking outside of what I am working on. So here it is. I just did this this morning special for all you IF people (and the couple who visit my blog by other means). Instinct is the word. Enjoy.

Here's the short detail list. Started a new job, blessed with the birth a new beautiful daughter, and I turned 30. The last of these having almost no influence on my my absence while the first two did considerably.

First of all the most important. My new daughter. Now she was born a while ago, way back in October actually (the 16th) and I feel terrible that I have not posted this news earlier because she is so so so precious to me. Naomi Layna. What a blessing and a perfect little baby she has been. She already has such a personality it's amazing. I had forgotten how fast kids grow up but she reminds us of so many of the memories we had with our son Eli. Here is a picture of the cutest little girl ever (biased I know, but I stand by it haha).

Secondly, for the last 6 months I've been working for a company developing iphone and ipod-touch games. It's been quite a blast. We have two out and they have done fairly well. I had quite a bit of fun doing them, in fact so much fun that I am now considering starting my own company and partnering with another to continue to do more games. We have some great ideas that we are looking into developing. It's a very scary market and very competitive, but I still feel that our ideas will even stand out. You can check out here at LaunchKidz.com. If you don't have an iphone the two games are mix n match style, and on that link are some screens of some of the work I did. Also IF YOU DO have an iphone or ipod touch, the site has links to the itunes store where you can get them. They are free too!

Also here is a photo of the largest job I've ever had. It was for Design+Communication. And they were doing a job for the Please Touch Museum in Philly. It was a lot of fun and I appreciated working with them. Their cafe is teddy bear picnic themed, there are a few other illustrators whose work is in there too. As I said in an earlier post, these pictures are huge, I think they are over 16 feet tall.

So that's it for now. Maybe not a great reason for my absence, but it is what it is. I'll keep you all "posted" on our upcoming ventures and new IF and doodles as they come!

Take care,