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Monday, February 05, 2007

Hello all, this is just a short update today. Been pretty busy getting into "life" with my new son. He's so awesome!

So here is a quicky of a new project that I am starting soon. I will keep you informed as I develop it more. What do you think of it?



D said...

I don't think that he looks like G bush. He is awsome though! I will be checking back soon for more.

crystal driedger illustration said...

Ha ha actually he looks a little like g bush. But that's only because ole bushy is a bit hilly billyish. Love it. Love stories about people who work with the earth. Can't wait to see more.

In answer to your question about getting my pic on my blog.. ummm hmm. not sure. it just showed up on my blog. No special html magic on my end. Maybe it's the template I picked?

Sebastien Gallego said...

Your art is beautiful Mike! I especially like your character design.
Have a great day,


mishe said...

Hey Mike! I have no other way to contact you! Congrats on the bouncing baby boy! Like your new work. Good Good.